My Signature Chocolate Collection

Feel free to browse through our gallery of cakes. Click on the thumbnails below to view a more detailed description of each cake.



JOYCE 480E Serves 60DOMINO 700E Serves 150 CURLY WURLY 700Euro  Serves 150HELTER SKELTER 730E Serves 180, 680E serves 150, 550E serves 90TOOTY FRUITY600E Serves 150DECADENCE 730E Serves 180/ 680E serves 150 /550E serves 90 EDEN 425E Serves 60  FANFARE 850E Serves 200CIARA 780E Serves 150AILIS €800 Serves 200BELGIAN DRAPE 450E Serves 90 (10,8,6) 600E Serves 150TEATIME TREAT ZEUS 150E serves 20

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